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My name is Twain Taylor

I have been in the hair care industry for over 25 years now. Being LA’s highly rated celebrity Master Barber/ Scalp Micropigmentation artist on the West Coast is what sets me apart from the rest of the local SMP practioners.

My Story

I became a barber when I was 12 years of age trained under my grandfather’s hand (Robert Knox) who taught me how to razor shave air balloons.


Why choose my center?

I am fully licensed and established my hair care business over 25 years ago. SMP Mobile is the ideal choice for your hair loss needs. Not only is our Scalp Micropigmentation methods effective but also budget-friendly. We keep our cost low to enable more people to take advantage of our great services.


How am I different?

I can determine where your hair loss is and where it will be years down the road. So, with my knowledge, you can rest assured my work will last a long time.

Meet Twain Taylor

When choosing me as your artist, you are getting someone who is passionate about what he does and wants to help others; someone who is really willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of for any situation that may occur. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact me (310 693 5929) any day any time!
Thank you for taking the time to read my website. I will be expecting your calls!

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Testimonials from SMP Customers


Testimonials from SMP Customers


Testimonials from SMP Customers

Scalp Micropigmentation Gallery

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Scalp Micropigmentation – Your Secret to a Thicker, Fuller Head of Hair

Have you noticed an increase in the number and size of bald patches on your head? Is a balding scalp hurting your already fragile self-esteem?

Hair loss is normal. That which has fallen out is usually replacedby new hair. But when those strands start shedding by the hundreds revealingthe scalp beneath, it becomes a cause for concern. Not just that, in an age that places so much value on a person’s appearance, severe hair loss can negatively impact one’s confidence.

Scalp Micropigmentation is specialized, highly-technical process that creates an illusion of thicker hair. The procedure involves tattooing tiny impressions to fill in bald patches. The dots, resembling hair follicles, are made using microneedles and a proprietary pigment. They are inserted into the dermal layer of skin creating the look of a low buzz cut.

scalp micropigmentation practioner

Seamless Look

Worried it will look different? Pigments are adjusted to match hair color and skin tone.Ultra-modern equipment and strong attention to detail ensure the impressions blend well with your natural hair, achieving a seamless look. You can also expect consistency across the entire look.

scalp micropigmentation practioner


Scalp Micropigmentation is quite like getting a tattoo. It entails a short recovery time. A few clients do mention slight discomfort during the procedure, but beyond that, there’s nothing invasive and painful.

scalp micropigmentation practioner


The pigments used are tested for durability and safety. The results are long-lasting; they do not fade or blur.The treatment is also low maintenance.

Thinning, Receding, Balding …. We’ve got your covered

The causes of hair loss are varied. There is genetics, hormones, age, medications, poor diet, disorders and lifestyle habits. And it manifests in different forms – a receding hairline, thinning hair, pattern baldness and alopecia.
Irrespective of the type of hair loss, you qualify as a candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation. In fact, it is a suitable solution where all other traditional restoration methods have failed. Even if you’ve already used another hair restoration method, you can use Scalp Micropigmentation to enhance the results. To add, it is a solution that men and women can benefit from.

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Here’s what Scalp Micropigmentation can do for you:

The number of sessions required varies based on the style you are targeting and the extent of your hair loss.

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You are in safe hands

Getting the best resultsfrom Scalp Micropigmentation needstrainedand certified practitioners completing the procedure for you. With more than 25 years of hair care experience under his belt, Master Barber, Twain Taylor is a leading nameon the West Coast. He is Canadian certified scalp micropigmentationexpert offering a range of safe and certified SMP treatments to people across the country.

Why SMP Mobile?

SMP Mobile is a trusted center for Scalp Micropigmentation.Our custom procedures designed to give you a desired look set us apart from our competition. Every customer is treated differently with careful attention given to preferences in hairline patterns, positions and styles.

SMP Mobile also prides itself on using state-of-the-art equipment and organic pigments.We’re based in Los Angeles. But you can choose where you would like to receive your treatment – at our studio or in your home. If you’re worried about costs, SMP mobile offers scalp micropigmentation at reasonable prices. There’s also a finance option in place for those unable to pay upfront.