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Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

With online shoppers being spoiled for choice It becomes more important to make shopping as effortless and seamless as is possible. If customers experience a difficult or confusing shopping process they may leave their carts completely and write a negative review which will persuade other potential buyers to stay clear of your shop.

These ecommerce design mistakes could have serious consequences on your sales. The majority of these errors are easily avoided with some effort.

Low-Quality Images

Everyone doesn’t want to buy something that doesn’t make it look good. This is why it’s vital to use high-quality pictures on your ecommerce site. Images that aren’t of the highest quality will not only turn away customers, but will also damage the reputation of your brand.

There is no Guest Checkout option

Another common mistake is not providing an option for guests to checkout. This can deter prospective customers from purchasing on your site. Many customers are hesitant to create an account on a new website, especially in cases where they have to enter personal information such as their email address. Instead, you should permit your visitors to sign-up via their social media accounts to streamline the process and reduce privacy concerns.

Another big ecommerce mistake is a disorganized and messy menu structure. It is essential to plan out how each page will look on your website to ensure that navigation is easy and user-friendly. Be sure that each page is organised according to the type of content it holds and make it easy for users to find the items they are seeking.


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