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Hair Tattoo for Balding Guys: How does it work?

A scalp micro pigmentation, which is also commonly known as a hair tattoo or balding tattoo, is a non-surgical tattoo used for the bald people to make it look like a buzz cut hairstyle which gives an amazing look and helps make you feel more confident. The procedure may be used for hiding new hair transplant surgery or many other stuff.

Balding tattoos: 

The SMP or hair tattoo actually hide the burns after the hair transplant surgery. Although other tattoos do not infiltrate the epidermal level of human skin, the hair tattoo works in a different way and in a much more unique way.

It penetrates the epidermal level and may touch the dermis level which is beneath the epidermal level of the skin. 

The epidermal level is one of the most important layers of the human skin that actually blocks many infections, therefore healthcare specialists always recommend using a clean needle.

As far as the color is concerned, every color is available for this balding tattoo surgery. Bald people, especially bald man uses this surgery to make a hairline. 

Hairline tattooing is often done by meticulous and vigilant because of the nature of the surgery. Moreover, a short and extremely thin needle is used to get precise and desired results. 

balding tattoo

Hairline tattooing works by way of a meticulous procedure, during which pigments are injected directly into the scalp. It may feel the same as the traditional way, but it’s not the same.

Procedure of getting a balding tattoo: 

One should know what sort of trouble he is getting into before having a blading tattoo or hair tattoo on head.

A course can be expected from your physician or medical consultant before having a hairline tattoo. The process can be breakdown into three or four separate treatments.

  • An initial level treatment session is held usually by a physician. The session is usually conducted to check the size of the scalp and the best hairstyle for the person.

 The initial level session also determines the future look of the person. The tame proportion usually takes two days to recover. 

  • The second treatment is a little more intensive, as the physician more implements darker pigments. 
  • The ink will usually be darker than the natural color of the hair, so as to avoid the factor of sham hair and creates the appearance of a light shadow, which in turn creates the illusion of real hair. 
  • Although the second treatment will be your last, however, in some cases a third treatment is necessary, especially if you want to go even darker.
  • Immediately after the final session, the person might notice glaring pigment dots. This is actually not as part of the process. When the scabs heal, they remove the larger pigments, leaving smaller and more natural dots behind which looks more real-life.
  • The new hairline tattoo is done.

Complications that follow and things to avoid: 

The goal of the hair tattooed on the head is not to create hair like lines as you would when micro blading eyebrows, but instead to use tiny and layered dots in different styles of black to reflect the look of a shadow on your head. 

This style sometimes referred to as pointillism, is done to create natural-looking depth and definition. A well-trained practitioner will work to ensure the dots look like natural hair since the job is too meticulous. 

This process may be effective for people who experience any form of hair loss. This includes guys with cancer, alopecia, and many other male and female baldness patterns. 

Furthermore, in the weeks between the procedures, one should not go swimming or use steam. Sauna rooms and extremely hot showers should be avoided because that may cause a steam storm. 

Also, avoid exposing your head to the sun for the first four days. This can be done in a better way by wearing a hat. After the fourth day, you can expose the treated skin to the sun for one hour, or 45 minutes if you do not have any skin allergies and illness. 

After the last stage of treatment, one should avoid swimming, saunas, and steam rooms for at least a time period of 28 days. Wear a hat to avoid the direct sunlight exposure for 28 days after treatment. You may use sunblock or any other cream to avoid heat. 

Moreover, avoid heavy exercise for at least five days after the final treatment which is highly recommended. You need to regularly moisturize the treated area after the fourth day of your final treatment. 

As far as the risks are concerned, there are a lot of risks in scalp micro pigmentation. Although micro-pigmentation isn’t technically considered to be a tattoo in medical terms, tattoo ink goes much deeper into the skin and is injected with a thicker needle beneath the epidermal layer, services like scalp micro-pigmentation and other permanent tattoos do carry some similar risks. 

These include skin allergies to certain components in the pigment and other diseases and infections associated with the ink of the tattoo.

However, one of the most important things to be aware of is that no authorized training is needed to become an SMP practitioner and the same thing goes for the micro-blading. 

It’s for this reason that it really is vital that you must be vigilant and diligent when searching for a reliable practitioner. 

In Conclusion: 

One of the most asked questions by men is that “Can I grow hair again?”

Well, if you have your original hair left on your scalp, growing it out would look absolutely strange, and bizarre since the simulated hairs in your bald spots would have no particular growth at all. 

Don’t go for this procedure unless you are ready to commit to the new tattoo. Since this procedure is used to mask thinning hair in women also, ladies would not face this ‘growing hair’ problem.


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