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How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

A board meeting can be productive and engaging. However, coordinating a successful board meeting isn’t a simple task. Board members’ time is valuable, and it’s the job as chairperson to steer the discussion in the right direction and ensure everyone is fully engaged throughout the entire meeting. Unplanned decisions can be costly for your company particularly if they impact the rest.

Send board members an agenda for the meeting in advance. Be sure to include an explanation of the reason behind each item on the agenda: Does it inform, collect data, or reach an agreement? Understanding the purpose behind each subject will help you organize your time better and prevent becoming distracted.

Before proceeding to other business items be sure to discuss any old items that require a vote or are ready to be approved. Be sure to not let these items eat up the majority of your meeting time as you’ll need to give every issue the time it deserves. If you’re concerned that your board needs to spend too much time discussing old business, you might consider adding it to the agenda for your next meeting or asking for a future report to be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

If your board meetings are conducted online make sure you encourage participation by allowing attendees to raise their hand when it’s time to speak. This will help the chair of the board identify everyone’s voice and keep the discussion on track. It is important to ask everyone to turn off their microphones when not talking. This will allow you to avoid distractions such as pets or children. Also, plan your online meetings around meals to keep people from eating in front of cameras.


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