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Turn to Modern Solutions for Hair Loss Treatment and Cover up Your Scars with Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation Overview

So what is scalp Micropigmentation, it is a modern day treatment to cover the bald patches in the scalp, it gives an illusion of thick hair presence on the scalp. The process is very similar to microblading, which is done for eye brows, whereas scalp Micro pigmentation also referred as SMP is done for the scalp region, though both under the same category, but different procedures are followed for the pigment implantation.

The difference, microblading requires using the manual blade, whereas scalp Micropigmentation requires an electric tattoo device, as penetration of the skin on the scalp requires more power due to thicker skin.

The competitive Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP

Depending on the individual’s condition, may that be pattern baldness, alopecia, scalp Micropigmentation is the modern day answer for the treatment,

In scalp Micropigmentation, layered tiny dots of black colour or the colour which is closest or similar to the individual’s hair is taken, this replicate the shadow on the scalp or tiny hair. This style is referred as pointillism, and has a defining and in-depth result.

It is ensured by the specialist that the dots replicate the hair follicles, and keeping the individuals complexion in check, the dots are blended well.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a very helpful and effective process for people suffering from

  1. Baldness
  2. Patterned baldness
  3. Hair loss due to cancer
  4. Hair thinning
  5. Covering up surgery scars
  6. Alopecia

Is the scalp Micropigmentation process painful?

Just like any other procedure a numbing agent is applied on the affected areas before the treatment begins, a slight discomfort maybe felt, but pain tolerance varies for different individuals.

Once an individual has made up his or her mind for the treatment after doing the research work, one must find a skilled SMP practitioner, there will be generic consultation and the practitioner will check if the person is eligible for the treatment or no, on getting the confirmation, the SMP practitioner will provide guidelines on how to prepare for the treatment, and what to do and what not to do before the procedure.

SMP guidelines:-

  1. It is recommended to take shower before the planned treatment appointments. As the person cannot shower or wet/wash the scalp area, even there should be no excessive sweating on the area for the period of at least 4 days after each procedure is done.

It is recommended to not use the swimming pool, take sauna baths and especially hot showers.

  • The time taken for each procedure is 4 to 5 hours.
  • As SMP is the process where colours are layered on the scalp, the number of treatments required for any case may vary, depending on the area size, even a small area can involve 4 to 5 treatments, which is required for the retention for long term.
  • Every treatment day is weeks apart.

For a long term retention, on the fifth day of the procedures, the skin can be exposed to the sun for a time period for 45 minutes to 1 hours, depending on the skin type. It is recommended to expose the treatment area as less as possible. It is recommended to use sun screen, SPF 30-50.

After the final treatment, it is recommended to keep off sauna, steam and swimming for up to 28 days.

Who should refrain from scalp Micropigmentation?

People suffering for scalp acne or psoriasis, as the inflammation on the areas can make it very difficult to apply pigments.

In darker skin types individuals can develop keloids, which are harder extra tissue formed on the scars or injury to protect and repair.

The expense and results fixity

 The price or cost of the treatment completely depends on the area of the scalp that needs to treated or covered. Typically the price ranges from four thousand dollars to one thousand dollars.

Due to skin exfoliation, the SMP treatment must be considered semi-permanent, the result may last for up to 8 years.

In case of incorrect pigments used in the procedure, the colour may lighten with time.

Fading completely depends on the skin types, the exfoliation of pigments will be quicker for dry skin.

The risks involved with the treatment.

  1. Allergies or infection:

The SMP process is very similar to tattooing, as it is the tattooing ink that goes into the skin after the skin is penetrated with a thick needle. Certain pigment components may cause allergic reaction on the scalp area and even an infection can take place.

These are considered similar risks for practices like permanent makeup procedure as well.

  • Unreliable SMP artist or practitioner:

It is important to consider that no specific education or qualification is required to become a SMP practitioner, so it is very crucial to find a reliable and experienced SMP artist. Who should be well known for successful treatments.

It is important to lookout of the following in the SMP treatment centres.

  1. A license on display of body art practitioner verified by the state.
  2. SMP training or certification of some sort.
  3. Certification of blood borne pathogens.
  4. A verified permit
  5. Should have a sink, and an environment which is sterile
  6. Should be using packaged needles.
  7. Should be practicing all the SOPs, like barrier tapes, gloves, face masks etc.

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