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Surprising Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation as a Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss and the resultant consequences can trigger many negative emotions in both men and women. 

When you come to realize you are starting to experience even the mildest case of hair loss, it is natural to search for immediate solutions as one might consider their looks as their topmost priority.

One of the safest solutions out there is scalp micropigmentation.

Hair loss is presently classified as one of the physical signs of aging. Its natural and can happen to anybody.

However, most of the men aged 35 years are showing substantial signs of hair loss, which means that other factors are causing balding rather than the age factor. 

Scalp micropigmentation, however, is one of the greatest hair loss treatment procedures you can consider if you are experiencing hair loss due to the numerous benefits it offers and to regain your confidence.


Some of the procedures and products that have been invented promise to ignite hair growth in a short period of time. 

Regrettably, most of these procedures and products fail to deliver on those promises. Patients are, therefore, left with piled up bills and prescriptions that remind them of failure and can result to lack of confidence. 

Scalp micropigmentation is an extremely safe and feasible procedure with a proven record and reviews.

It is a little aggressive cosmetic procedure where a scalp micropigmentation technician injects color pigment directly to the scalp.

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After the process is done, the patient’s scalp acquires the resemblance of a closely shaved head. This procedure is said to be permanent.

Scalp micropigmentation is suggested by most physicians as a workable option whether you’re dealing with age-related hair loss, alopecia, thinning or extensive post-procedural scarring. 

It is also an amazing option when all you want is to add density to your hair and just want to look more attractive. 


Upon the onset of baldness, most patients try to explore many options. 

There are various options available and these could range from hair transplants to temporary fixtures such as wigs but then again this is only a temporary solution and not recommended if you want a permanent solution for hair loss. 

However, each of these solutions carries their own set of disadvantages. 

Topical tonics, sprays and other over the counter options may be ineffective-even harmful to your hair causing even more hair loss.

Hair transplants can be done but are high maintenance. 

Wigs and hairpieces are temporary. Scalp micropigmentation, on the other hand, is a permanent, high-value, and low maintenance procedure with many attractive benefits, which includes the following mentioned:

Long-term efficacy

Hair loss treatment routines sometimes require numerous follow-ups to check. 

However, under the skillful hands of a particular professional, a successful procedure should last you up to many years without worrying.

Given its low maintenance reputation, the least post-procedural uptime you can expect is two years. And even when, if the pigment starts to fade away, you can get uplifting pigmentation redone.

Minimal invasion

Think of scalp micropigmentation as an amazing solution for the scalp.

Using only needles, a professional works with you to settle on a color pigment that mixes seamlessly with your natural skin tone. 

The key to the success of the procedure does not only lie in the instruments which are used. 

Advanced software assists during the procedure to guarantee full scalp coverage. This procedure does not require any cuts.

Although it may take up to two or three sessions and follow-ups to get the complete look that you require, the result is a stunning illusion that instils the lost confidence in you.

Is not high maintenance

Keeping up with hair appointments and hairpiece replacements can get irritating.

An Effective SMP only requires proper care and maintenance to sustain the pigment’s luster. 

Maintenance could be as easy as applying some oil on the scalp or waxing to bring out a prominent shine which you desired.

The good looks

SMP has 3 main advantages that assist in creating a polished finish and a great look. It takes the form of a close shave and adds color. 

The computer systems and small needle combinations perfectly imitate hair follicles and give a great look. 

Whatever the purpose of the procedure is, that is to cover up scarring, battle the effects of alopecia or add density to your hair, you can keep your natural hair color.

SMP creates a perfect, natural-looking hairline that makes a personal statement about you and most importantly looks natural.

Quick uptime

Topical treatments will take months before showing results. Invasive procedures could compromise your daily activities due to long healing periods and may stop you from your routine. 

But with scalp micropigmentation, you could be up and about and back to your work in virtually no time. The process is painless, does not cause any type of scarring, and it’s not necessary to use additional medication to retain it.

Fast Procedure

This simple procedure, which is basically hair tattooing, is finished in only a couple of sessions and not years. 

This means only a few hours must be invested to achieve a perfect shaved head look that you longed for. And even after the first-ever session, the results are quite genuine.

Fast Healing process

Because of the simple procedure of micropigmentation, healing time does not take long and is limited to only a few days.

In fact, most people who opt for this procedure are back to work within two days’ time. There are no dressings to change, or stitches to be concerned with or look after.

All that is required is thorough cleaning in the following weeks and just 2-3 follow up routines.

Younger looks

There can be the perception that balding men are automatically old and is considered a sig of aging. 

This does nothing to boost a man’s self-confidence if he is younger because looking old can actually make a person feel old and hence sow a lack of confidence.

Because the scalp micropigmentation gives men back their hair and the confidence they are looking for, and also help creates that shaved head look that is worn by even the biggest movie stars and celebrities. 

Men can then introduce themselves with their younger self and achieve the look they desired for.

Looks original and realistic

The sole purpose of this procedure is to give men back their hair that the long-desired, even if it is not actual hair and most importantly in a hassle-free manner.

That is why the pigments and coloring are matched to both existing hair color, as well as a particular skin tone, for the most realistic look that is achievable. 

Even what direction the natural hair growth would have taken is reliably considered, to be sure of a genuine and a natural look.

Long Lasting and permanent solution

Because a scalp micropigmentation will last for many years to come, there will never again be a lack of confidence to match the loss of hair.

The pigmentation and the dyes will never fall out, and it can also be updated to match changing styles according to modern times, or even to add a new beautiful color to it.


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