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How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

People often feel hesitant about how they look, especially when it comes to hair. Everyone wants well-grown hair. They want to look spectacular, and hair loss can be a major set down. So, here I am to present you with a solution if you are worried about hair loss and think micro scalp pigmentation is expensive, so why not discuss all of it.

How much does Scalp Micro pigmentation cost

What is scalp micro-pigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a process in which you make a hair-like line as you do when micro-blading your eyebrows. You provide the pigmented shadow to fulfil through the places. The style used is pointillism to make a clear and depth look.

SMP process is taken place professionally, and we make sure the dots look like the hair follicle so what it can blend in unnoticeable with your complexion

SMP can be a bit hurtful, so doctors use a numbing agent on the skin, which makes it very easy for patients, but you have to make up your mind that SMP can be a little bit uncomfortable

How much does SMP cost?

SMP cost depends upon various sort of factors if we look at                                         

Level of Hair loss 

The most critical and significant factor in determining the cost of SMP is the level of hair loss a person has had. It can be determined through the process of Norwood scale. Now you might be wondering what the Norwood scale is? Norwood scale is a hair loss measuring instrument that helps determine the hair loss level and the price range you will lie in.

If you look at the process this way, some people get into the SMP program when they go through permanent baldness. Treating the whole area will cost more time and money, whereas if you get the treatment, in the beginning, it will cost less.


When you think of scalp pigmentation, you better consider the perks and quality differences when using the more affordable or expensive one instead of choosing the cheaper package. The phrase “you get what you pay for “fits here the best.

For such delicacy, your choice should be to go to the best one instead of the cheaper one on special treatment.

Whether you need an additional session or need counselling separately, or have issues like making your hairline high or low, it depends on how much you pay and what customization you add to the following treatment. As you increase the customized thing, the price goes higher.

Skin type

Skin types have a significant impact on the treatment. Typically, people lie in between a normal skin range, but different people have different skins worldwide, for example.

If you have a thicker skin surface, it must apply the pressure more, and the time and sessions might add up accordingly to work.

Whereas if you have thin skin, you don’t need that much pressure from the pen and requires not that much time.

Skin types vary, and so does the treatment cost accordingly.

Scalp micropigmentation cost


The cost for SMP is not that much expensive as people have thought of it. It varies from 1000- 5000 dollars.

Now depending upon the factors affecting and customization, it may or may not increase.

Such as if you are only taking scar treatment, it will be almost around $1900 to $2500 as of the whole procedure, and similarly, Norwood 2-3 costs around 2700 to 2900 dollars standard procedures by adding ups can lead up to 3400 to 5050 dollars, alopecia cost around 3900 to 4700 dollars hair density, hair loss and repairing prices can vary in between 2500 to 4100 dollars depending upon the work.

You can also get touch-ups based on your needs which varies from 350 to 1000 dollars.

If you look at the price ranges, these are affordable treatment costs for people who would love to get treatments. Based on the reviews and treatment videos on our website, you can see the authenticity and remarks.


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